Miguel Prypchan. Caracas, Distrito Capital, 1974. He resides and works in Caracas. Plastic artist, pilot, and lawyer from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, (UCV). With studies in Social Communication and Museology; Director of advertising agency Propela Creativa, passionate about architecture, self-taught in the treatment of brass and paint for collector cars, lover of nature and its forms. He began his research in the field of three-dimensionality in 2007. Since 2009, he has exhibited his work “Ávila Abstracto” in various cultural spaces such as: Galería Graphicart (Venezuela), Ibero-American Art Fair (FIA), ArtBo ), Art Lima Fair (Art Lima), La Cometa Gallery (Bogotá), Aid for Aids NYU (New York), Contex (Art Miami) and Art Palm Beach as guest artist. Holds its Pop-up event during Miami Art Week 2015 in association with the Miami Mountains Foundation with Little Haiti Cultural Complex and the Haitian Ministry of Tourism presenting the Ayiti art exhibition showing the project for public spaces.

It has been dedicated to developing a creative work oriented to interpret traditional landscaping under the eyes of abstractionism, light, angles, perspective and constructivism; As well as to transmit an ecological message from the exploration of various topographic formations of Venezuela (El Avila, Tepuyes, Andean Mountain Range – The Five White Eagles) and mountains of the world. (Mont-Blanc, Matterhorn, Everest, among others).

The artist seeks to intervene, humanize and positively transform public spaces through works of art accessible to all, that can transform the experience of everyday citizens.

Within his career, he has also been characterized by supporting social causes, sharing artistic experiences with people with disabilities and donating part of his work and time to generate changes in his environment.

1974 Miguel Andrés Prypchan Morín is born.

1992 Graduates from bachelors in science.

1999 He graduated as a lawyer at the UCV, Caracas-Venezuela.

2007 Starts his technical study of the mountain El Ávila, incidence of light and projections in model.

2008 Conducts studies in Social Communication at USM, Caracas-Venezuela.

2007 He makes the first approaches to his work and inaugurates his workshop, Caracas-Venezuela.

2009 Performs his first private exhibition in the spaces of his house and workshop, Caracas-Venezuela.

2010 Graduates of pilot, Caracas-Venezuela.

2010 Performs his first solo exhibition “The Ávilas de Prypchan” in The Spaces of Art of Tolón, Caracas-Venezuela.

2010 He begins his relationship with the prestigious Graphic Art gallery led by the expert in geometric and kinetic artists Magdalena Arria, Caracas-Venezuela.

2010 Participates in ArtBo 2010 represented by the Venezuelan gallery Graphic Art, Bogotá-Colombia.

2010 Participates with an exhibition in the spaces of the Gallery La Cometa, Bogota-Colombia.

2010 Participates as a guest at the auction of the annual Aid for Aids gala, New York-USA.

2011 Participates as guest artist in the annual calendar and activity Cinco Sentidos en Acción to benefit SOCIEVEN, Deafblind of Venezuela. Caracas Venezuela.

2011 Participates in the FIA ​​2011 represented by the Venezuelan gallery Graphic Art.

2011 Participates as a guest of the Metropolitan City of Caracas in the intervention of a lion of the project C4R4C4S auctioned as the Lion With Sense for the benefit of SOCIEVEN.

2011 Starts the presentation of his “Paseo Por El Ávila” project in a model, offering it to various private and public entities wishing to promote this piece for public spaces (Celebration of the 444 of the city of Caracas by the Metropolitan City Hall).

2011 Starts his relationship with the gallery Viloria Blanco, Maracaibo-Venezuela.

2012 Participates in the 2012 FIA represented by the Venezuelan gallery Graphic Art.

2013 Conducted studies in Museology at the UCV, Caracas-Venezuela.

2013 Participates in the 2013 FIA represented by the Venezuelan gallery Graphic Art and the Colombian gallery Casa Cuadrada, Caracas-Venezuela.

2013 Inaugurates “Paseo por El Ávila” its most ambitious piece in scale and three-dimensionality. Centro San Ignacio, Caracas-Venezuela.

2014 Participates in Art Lima 2014 Represented by Galeria Venezolana Graphic Art.

Participates and Wins the 2015 Public Space Challenge Award, awarded by The Miami Foundation, to recognize and fund exceptional ideas to improve public spaces for the benefit of communities.

2015 Participates in Art Context MIAMI and Art Palm Beach as a guest artist.

2016 Participates in ART Concept MIAMI at Bayfront Park and Art Palm Beach as a guest artist.